new reality show idea: lock ten weeaboos together in a room and make them fight to the death for a trip to japan 


go to bed

duck off

getting very  sleepy



mose just told me that i probably dont know what sweet iced tea is because im from the north. fuck tou fucko 


marukobott started following you

hI MOSE im p sure u told me to be safe or smthng once while i was on call w parz u be safe too

i thought i was already following u im so sorry my intent was to follow u but i guess i never did. be safe


this video is literally seven years old there are kids that exist on this earth that are going to school and getting an education that are younger than this video they could probably go home and go on youtube and find this video and be absolutely floored by the fact that youtube has been around longer than they have

im so happy

im gonna go take a shower now

its 1:30 am, i still have not taken a shower, wanting to read kagepro,

ツイログ5 by どろ

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i got up to piss and then the was over this was parzis plan all along wasnt it


i drew mose ‘ayano’ marukobott


i drew mose ‘ayano’ marukobott


the classic paw touch. (boop)